Editorial Spread


I’ve been given the task to create an Editorial Magazine Spread in order to promote my musical artist. I think this is a great way to express my musical artist in a graphical way, which is something i’m looking forward to. I aim to use a range of different colours, textures, fonts etc in order to get the right end product that appeals to my audience. My editorial spread is going to include imagery thats fully photography based, which will include editing in photoshop and illustrator. I plan to put my editorial spread together in inDesign, which will give me the adequate resources to complete it.

Secondary Research


This spread is somewhat ‘out there’, however it works. The female photography would typically appeal to both male and female target audiences, which is good. The subjects in the images have a serious look about them, which ties in with the black & white effect used throughout the spread, creating a dramatic feel. The typography used is thin, which is contemporary and appeals in todays markets. It stands out, as the editor has contrasted the white typography with black backgrounds. The photography of the flowers represents nature, however the fact that they’re in a vase could show a constraint with mankind, including the plain white background.
Again, I like this spread for it’s simplicity. I like the way the typography is integrated in the first spread, through the editing of photography. This is something I might think of using in my spread. In this spread, instead of black and white colouring creating a dramatic effect, I feel in this, it makes a more contemporary feel, due to the imagery and layout used. I think this design is targeted at teenagers due to the contemporary design used.
I love the way this designer has made the spread stand out to audiences. The mirrored text on the first spread is something we don’t often see, and with it filling the whole page it could be quite attracting. However, this typography might be hard to read at first. I like the texture’s used inside the typography as it gives it more of a realistic feeling.
This spread is different to others as it uses a unique canvas shape and size. In the spread itself, nice, contemporary shapes are used in order to stand out to the customer. I think blue has been used as it combines nicely with white. The imagery used is also integrated into the abstract shapes which makes for a nice composition.
This editorial spread is different from the other’s i’ve analysed due to the range of colours, imagery and typography used in it. It uses the classic military font in the first spread, along with a nice looking rotated rectangle which stands out nicely. However, i’m not sure i’m a fan of contrasting yellow with red as I don’t think they go nicely together. The second spread shows a classic alarm clock, which is what gives me the sense of these spread being quite classical and old.


Spreads through time

Ladislav Sutnar

Ladislav Sutnar was a Czech Graphic Designer that was born in 1897 and died in 1976, that created information design magazine spreads. He uses a range of imagery from drawn out landscapes to squiggles on a paper, however, he doesn’t use a huge range of colours. I like his artwork as it’s quite contemporary for the time it was created in. A collage of some of his work:

Carlo Vivarelli

Vivarelli is a swiss designer that used photography, photomontage, and typography tools to get combinations of shapes and colours to appeal to his audience. Vivarelli was born in 1919 and dies in 1986. From what I’ve seen researching retro magazine spreads, red was a very popular colour back then. Some more of Vivarelli’s work:

Initial Ideas


I decided to come up with some layout sketches that I felt would best fit my spread. These were really quick sketches just to get my idea down.


Final Piece’s




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