Vinyl Cover

Secondary Research


A noticeably retro design, this vinyl cover uses vibrant colours outlining the subject’s face, which could be luring to an audience contrasting with the black background. I’m not a fan of the typography used, as it’s too retro. However I think that the vibrant colours were a good idea as they link in with the imagery in the cover.


I like this vinyl as the blue and cream colour scheme gives a off  nice modern feel. The centred typography is unusual as typography is rarely placed right in the centre of the composition however I think it works here, contrasting with the blue. Although i’m not quite sure what the blue stuff actually is, through further research I found that it’s actually a still taken from a video.
This vinyl cover is different to the others, as the typography is actually created through imagery. The thin and thick red and white lines create a nice textured look for the background. In one of the ‘O’s, the lines cross over between the red and the white, which i’m pretty fond of.
This vinyl cover is quite similar to the first one I analysed, and from the ‘Perspective for the 70s’ title, this indicates to me that the first vinyl is indeed from the 70s, and that this was the style for back then. The vibrant lines remind me of something like a subway map of London, however all of these lines join up. I think this gives a nice effect.
Instantly one could tell that this is a more modern album cover from the crisp imagery to the gradients used in it. I quite like the ‘EDM’ typography, the stroke makes it look more elegant and modern, and I think the fact that some of the points in the letters are dis-jointed from the rest of the letters is unusual and quite attracting.

jack uI like the style of Jack Ü’s album cover as it implements a collaging style with a nice style of paint. My favourite part of the cover is definitely the collaged part, it almost feels like he’s putting his favourite memories and photographs into his music onto a personal level, which I think would attract more customers.




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