Anthony Nolan

What is Anthony Nolan? How do you sign up?

Anthony Nolan is a London based charity organisation that targets Leukaemia. Although the chances are very slim, once signed up, you may get a call (if you’re still under 60 years old) to travel to London and donate stem cells/bone marrow, which would most likely go on to save a life. Below is the Official Anthony Nolan video.

It’s a very informative video, however, it may be too long at 6 minutes. I will aim to create my own video promoting Anthony Nolan for the target audience of young adults.

Secondary Research

Through research into many depressing and sad adverts, they all seem to have one thing in common; they all use live action people in order to tug on our heart strings. This is where they go wrong, In my opinion something new is needed as all of the adverts I watched done the same thing to try and grab the viewers attention.

This charity ad is simple, yet effective. It uses nice colours and type faces to appeal to their target audience which I think has been pulled off. The video gives clear information through a voice over which does the trick.

Through seamless transitions and statistics,  this charity ad uses a range of techniques in order to try and attract attention. In my opinion however, if less statistics were used, this ad would be more effective.

This ad uses nice, soft colours and icons in order to get information across to their audience. voice overs seem to be the best option for one of these types of videos, so this is something i’ll need to consider when creating initial ideas.

Time Management Plan

In order to make sure I get everything done in the last 4 weeks of my project, I decided to compose a time management plan. Following this as though it is homework will allow me to get everything done comfortably within the time limit.

Initial Ideas


This idea focuses on speaking to the viewer directly, almost guilt tripping them in to watching the video. The video would consistr of many people explaining they have a friend/relative that’s passed away from cancer. The video would speed up as more and more people would say it, eventually leading to one person explaining lives can be saved/ This idea would work well to attract viewers as it focuses on the grief and sadness of subjects, however I think this video would end up too long to be effective.


This is an animation based ad, where the video would be simple, around 20-30 seconds long. It would go somewhere like before a youtube video, or an ad you have to watch to get free coins on a game. It would use nice info-graphics to attract the viewer and soft colours in order to get symbolised meanings across.

Overall this is the idea i’m going to use.

Initial Script:

Narrator: Imagine…

If you could kill somebodies cancer

Would you do it?


In order to record the voice over for my charity ad, I feel my gaming headset would do the trick. It has a great microphone quality which could later be edited in audition if needs be. I would plan to use after effects to complete my animation as I find it easier to use than Animate and Photoshop.


capture2I recorded the audio for my charity advert first due to the nature of my video needing to be synced up to audio. I used adaptive noise reduction in order to block out any background noise there might be in my audio. I went on to lowering the dB in between voice to get the outcome of my audio sounding a lot better. I added a pitch bend effect to make my voice lower, as studies show lower voices attract more serious attention.


I decided to use adobe after effects for my animation as I feel it’s one of the more advanced programmes in the business. I makes for seamless animations, transitions and effects. I used a range of different techniques whilst making my video for example the shatter effect in the heart scene, which my peers approved of.

Final Video

My final charity advert consists of voice overs, seamless animations and music all to catch a wide target audience’s attention. The narrator speaks to the viewer directly, which in my opinion works greatly as the viewer would feel more involved in whats going on, therefore putting more emotion into it.

Although the video is so simple and short, I feel this would go greatly as a short advertisement to hit the viewer quick and hard. The colours and imagery in the video are simplistic, which might help a wider variety of people to understand what the charity could achieve, and what the viewer themselves could achieve.

I made an interesting outro in which i’ve used the simple colour scheme of black and white, which gives off a dramatic effect. The motion of the shapes in the outro look aesthetically pleasing, which would keep the viewer watching till the end, where a hard hitting message is the last thing they would see; “you could save a life.” I think this would encourage more viewers to sign up to the charity. I decided to add a sad song to the outro in order to keep the viewer interested, so I picked a widely famous song in order to grab more of a variety of viewers, as in this case i’m going for quantity not quality.



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