Community Farm

Primary Research


During my first week of college I had the opportunity to explore community farms, where I found inspiration in a few of the little things. In a teepee, I found a hand made dreamweaver, which I seen as a symbol for how natural and ‘outdoorsy’ the farm is. The green contrasts with the darker branches which makes it stand out more. Green symbolises fertility and growth, which in my opinion would be good for the target audience as they are kids.



I took inspiration from this and decided to draw my own natural dreamweaver, however I decided to add curved branches in order to show movement. I used a biro pen to draw it, as this is my favourite way of illustration. In my opinion it makes the drawing pop out more, which would result in attracting more of the population.




After brainstorming some initial ideas, I put it into photoshop and created a poster out of it using a few textures and fresh type faces.


I would use this poster if it was for another target audience, as to me, the organic dreamweaver looks kind of barren, like the farm is closed up. However, creating this poster gave me a good idea about what I wanted to do for my map as I can see how well the biro technique works with a nice texture. I used the wooden log font to give an outdoor feel, which would give the viewers an idea that the farm is, in fact, outdoors. I put the type on an arch in order to give the feeling of security at the farm, as well as it being a lot more eye catching.

Map Research


I like this style of map, as it has a historic feel to it. The textured paper is a bit too light for me, however, it still contrasts with the black outlined icons used. My target audience is kids, so I would probably steer away from using labels as children usually react better to images than words.





Although this map doesn’t have any icons or text, I think it still gives off a nice effect with the stained land effect. The wooden border makes the map look more elegant. The typical dotted line with ‘x marks the spot’ gives off the treasure map feel, however this wouldn’t really be relevant to what i’m trying to achieve.





This is a treasure map from the game Elder Scrolls, which I decided to add for a variation of different sources. Although it’s simple, it still gives off enough information to satisfy the viewer. The red ‘x marks the spot’ is good as it helps it contrast with the beige background and the black illustrations.






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