Music Video

Secondary Research

Two Door Cinema Club – Bad Decisions

Although this music video is a bit ‘out there’, I think its a really eye catching with the vibrant colours it uses. The whole video is a 3D animation, almost as if its a gameplay clip. Two door cinema club seems to target a teenage age group, as their music is commonly known in the adolescent generation, and they use pretty ‘trippy’ scenes in their music videos.

This particular scene is my favourite, as although it’s so dark, the pink/red fragments really light it up. The 3D modelled character simply falls through the frame in a smooth motion, almost like there is no gravity in the air.


Logic – Under Pressure

This music video grabs the viewer from the beginning due to the first person camera shot (this is used throughout the video). I like the video because the directors have made good enough cuts in the video to fool the viewer into thinking its all done in one shot.

Another reason I like it is because it appeals to multiple audiences. It could apply to gamers, as one could say it’s similar to games like Call of Duty/Battlefield; or any first person shooter. This video could also appeal to Gangsters and Criminals, as the video is consistent of robbers, fighting and killing.

The Weeknd – Starboy

This music video is one of the more powerful ones, with a story behind it. In the past year, The Weeknd has brought out music causing him to blow up. Since then, I imagine his life has changed a lot;  lots more money, fame, girls.. you name it. So, in my opinion, the story behind the video is that the musician killed his former self and has rebranded himself with a new haircut, stating how much money he now was.


The 1975 – Somebody Else

In the video, the subject spends his time trying to get over someone alone on deserted streets or in the back of a car, but when he isn’t alone, things only get worse. He’s beaten up after leaving a bar, he hooks up with a stripper, and generally in each scenario he encounters there are elements of self-obsession as well as feelings of isolation.

My favourite part about the video is at the end, where it’s revealed that the subjects worst enemy is his own. He has been fighting a battle with his own conscience trying to get over somebody he once loved. In my opinion, I think this video appeals most to teenagers, the way the subject has to deal with a break up, but didn’t realise his enemy was himself.


Biffy Clyro – Biblical

Simon Neil’s (The lead singer of Biffy Clyro) wife had three miscarriages. This video portrays how Neil reacted each time, starting from when he gets each phone call. The first time he receives the news on the phone from his wife, anger. Simon sets out to destroy everything in his path; which only leads to him getting beaten and hurt. The video then replays itself with Neil getting another phone call, telling him that his wife has had another miscarriage. Only this time, he reacts in a more fragile, caring way. Ultimately, this still hurts him. This shows that no matter the reaction, one will always get hurt. At the end he receives the third phone call, and the way Neil’s face reacts tells it all, that he cannot go through it again.

So far, this video gives me the most inspiration. The fact that Simon Neil had to go through that and managed to make a music video expressing the way he felt and done it with so much precision instantly grasps me. I think this video targets young adults and people that have dealt with loss, and does a good job in doing so.

Avicii – Waiting for love

This is an animation lyric video based in the war. I think this type of music video effective to the correct audience, which I dont think is the case in this song.

Music Videos that relate to Target Audiences


Children are usually attracted to things with bright colours, which this video above definitely has. Despicable Me is a film that blew up in the media and attracted a wide range of audiences, however one of the main target audience’s for the movie is children so this music video is very fitting due to the seamless transitions, bright colours and the use of minions themselves. It has upbeat memorable music that catches the attention of kids very easily.

3D Animations in today’s generations have became so advanced, they attract more children than they ever did. Frozen is a widely famous film and this music video was created with the same style of animation. I think it’s good to attract a certain target audience. Example; A girl in snowy mountains wearing a dress… pretty surreal, huh?

Primary Research

In order to get more insight into what my age group thinks of music videos of today, I sat a few down and asked them to watch through the music video with me. I went on to ask questions about the music video like ‘did you like it?’ and ‘Was there an underlying meaning to the video?’. I used an Osmo+ to record the video and audio. The video recordings are crisp and I think the Osmo+ is an amazing piece of technology  which I will mostly likely be using to record my music video. However, I wasn’t particularly impressed with the audio quality. I took it into Adobe Audition in order to try and salvage what I could of it;


I used effects like adaptive noise reduction and amplify to try and make the subjects voice a little louder. As I was right by the microphone, my voice dominated the subjects and with this I selected the large audio waves in audition (these were my voice) and just dulled them down a bit. I kept doing this and amplifying them until I finally got something to work with.



Song Choice

img_1786Having to pick what song I wanted to make a music video was hard, but I  narrowed it down to two choices, listed above. The reason I’m picking Honne – The Night is because it’s it’s an unkown song, and my target is to appeal to my target audience by making a name for a new song. I also think it would be more suitable to do a music video to as it’s a slow song which will allow me to edit clips in nicely.

Experimenting with video Jockeying and Masks


  • Started out with a green screen sample video
  • Keyed the video layer and added another object in front of the subject
  • Found a nice background to put behind the subject


  • Used the threshold tool on both main subject & the aliens
  • Changed the ‘Dark’ and ‘Light’ colours to black and red for a nice effect
  • Added an earthquake effect to the aliens which made them shake on the screen, made a moving effect
  • Used the record tool in order to animate the aliens across and off the page, acted like a tween in Animate


  • Used a layer mask to cut out main subjects body
  • Turned on Motion Tracking (Analyse motion) to track main subject.
  • Used subjects eye for the tracker as this is one of the easiest points on a face to track


  • Added a 3D camera in order to give more of a motion effect
  • Used my own tracking lines for the camera for the motion that I wanted.

Target Audiences


Media producers use audience analysis to find out as much as possible about their target audience and use that research to ensure their production will appeal to them.

Using demographics like age, gender and occupation to define or categorise an audience doesn’t always give the best results as many people don’t fit in the traditional categories.

Demographic and Psychometric Audiences

  • A demographic audience profile defines groups based on things like age, gender, income, education and occupation.
  • A Psychometric Audience Profile defines an audience by how they think and by considering their values, attitudes and lifestyle.

How to find audiences:

  • Surveys
  • Asking family and friends what they’d look for
  • Online forums that appeal to your audience
  • Have a look at what other brand identities are doing to appeal
  • Keep on top of trends

A good way to find your audience is by imagining a prototype person for the whole of your audience – creating a profile going into detail about what the like etc. The profile could consist of things like:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Hobbies
  • Location (weather, crime rates etc.)
  • Education


Idea 1


This idea follows the subject through the emotions of a break up, showing how one would react in different situations if they felt different emotions to a particular event. This idea is inspired by Biffy Clyro’s ‘Biblical’ Music Video, where there is always an independant variable. I think this idea would be great to attract my audience as there is an underlying meaning for them to decode which is always an eye catcher.

Idea 2

idea2This idea is a lyric video with animation transitions in the text to show different emotions, in order to give off different vibes to my target audience. I would consider doing this idea, however I dont think it would be suitable as I’m already doing an animation based project for my anthony nolan advert and it wouldnt fit my timescale.

Idea 3


This idea is a roascoped animation over the top of a conversation between two people. The animation would show different emotions being used by the converser, which I think would be a good way to communicate with my target audience.

Idea 4


This idea would be a simple band video, which i’m not too keen on due to this type of video being too generic and boring. (been done too many times)

Camera Settings and Info


Settings for me to consider are:

ISO – higher numbers are a brighter image but at a loss of quality

F (exposure) – higher numbers keep more in focus, lower numbers blur distant (depth of field)

Shutter Speed – These setting prolong exposure so the object/s (if moves), will be blurred and show a trail. The higher the number, the slower the picture is taken


This is an infographic to show me directly how different settings would affect the image id be looking for. For example, If I wanted everything to be in focus in my shot, a narrow aperture would keep my whole image sharp. If I wanted to blur a moving object I could maybe think about setting my shutter speed somewhere between 1/250 and 1/125. I will definitely keep this information in mind when filming for my music video as all of my shots have to look good and professional in order to appeal to my target audience of a young adult/teenager.

Idea Development



Equipment I could Use

Canon 600D



  • 18-megapixel sensor, the same as in the 60D and the 7D
  • Records full HD video at various frame rates
  • Vari-angle 1,040K dot swivel screen is great for shooting in awkward positions
  • USB and mini-HDMI output
  • Compact form factor that doesn’t feel cramped
  • Excellent dynamic range for shooting in harsh lighting conditions
  • Nice in-camera effects that can be applied to any photo


  • Video limit of 29 minutes and 59 seconds
  • Significant noise in video in low light conditions
  • Noise is prominent in photos shot at ISO 1600 and above
  • No weather sealing
  • Autofocus is unable to perform in lowlight




  • Better low light performance
  • 1080/60p recording for slow motion playback
  • Simultaneous 1080 AVCHD and MP4 recording @17Mbps
  • x20 optical zoom range (28-560mm equivalent)
  • Excellent optical image stabilisation
  • Improved electronic stabilisation
  • All in/out terminals relocated all together on right camera side
  • New rocker +- zoom (could have better touch sensibility)
  • EVF moves up to 45 degrees
  • Wifi for remote shooting and monitoring
  • Added joystick control for menu navigating and select with right thumb, nice for use when hand shooting


  • Odd placed custom button for exposure knob compensation
  • Awkward many menu changes needed to use slow motion if using AVCHD and Dual Recording or Relay and back
  • No internal storage
  • No Dual Recording when using cinema mode
  • Newly designed  Lens Hood (with Lens Barrier) prone to fall off.

DJI Osmo+



  • Excellent stabilisation
  • Great value for the price
  • Easy-to-use
  • Compact size
  • Less wide angle distortion
  • Reliable Wi-Fi connection.


  • Short Battery life
  • Not weather sealed

After looking at a few different options, The DJI OSMO would most likely be the best piece of equipment for me to use. It would create comfortably smooth footage, even with it being so easy to use. It has a small, compact design which makes portability so much easier than all other options.

“I like the DJI Osmo camera, as I think it’s good for what you’re doing. It’s really mobile which will be useful in the task at hand and gives off really steady footage for the professional look. However, I think the fact that you get about 40 minutes per battery could slow you down.”


Composition In Filming

Lead Room

If a subject is looking frame left, then they should be placed frame right. This makes the framing comfortable because the subject is looking at the open space in front of them. This open space is called lead room or lead space.


Rule of Thirds

Another basic composition principle is called Rule of Thirds. To follow it, one must imagine the frame with two vertical lines and two horizontal lines, as to create three vertical sections of the same dimensions and three vertical sections also of the same size. The result is something like this:


Static Composition

Compositions with the majority of lines being horizontal or vertical are called Static Composition. In theory, horizontal and vertical lines are somewhat soothing, calm, tranquil…


Dynamic Composition

When a composition has many diagonal lines it is called Dynamic Composition. The dynamism or excitement comes from the fact the diagonals are somewhat unsettling (as opposed to a static compositions that communicate peace and tranquility).


Recording/Editing Techniques

When recording/editing my music video, there are a few different techniques that I will be able to use in order to achieve different effects in my music video, which could be crucial in appealing to my audience.

Time Lapse

Time lapse is where you would record something for a long amount of time, then you would speed it up so you can see change/movement quickly rather than slowly. Using time lapse in my music video could work really well and give it a good look, however i don’t think i would do the whole video in time lapse as i think it would be too much to look at. In my opinion if i used a variety of mixed techniques and included time lapse in a few frames it could look really good.

Reverse Video

Shooting a clip and reversing it in post production has always been able to attract a viewers eye. If you use the right technique, this could result in something incredibly surreal. Its a good way to reverse time in a piece of film too, instead of just cutting back to a frame, and as this fits in with one of my idea’s I may need to think about putting it into my music video.


Shooting a clip and reversing it in post production has always been able to attract a viewers eye. If you use the right technique, this could result in something incredibly surreal. Its a good way to reverse time in a piece of film too, instead of just cutting back to a frame, and as this fits in with one of my idea’s I may need to think about putting it into my music video.

Long Exposure

Long exposure is a great technique which can look amazing if its used in the right place. The same with any other technique, too much of this could jeopardise the effectiveness of my music video but small doses of it could look amazing e.g long exposure on street lamps as i’m driving.


After conducting some research into different techniques used in film, I decided to re-create one or two. In my opinion the reverse filming technique works wonder as no matter what it is thats being reversed, 9/10 times its going to look good. My target audience is usually pretty interested in new and unseen things so I think this effect will appeal to my audience quite nicely.

Shot Types


It’s no secret to the world that there are many different camera angles which produce different effects to the viewer. Using a good camera angle could be the difference between making a scene look good or bad. Storyboards and shot lists are good for planning out which camera angles are going to be used in a film piece.

Test Piece’s

As I had decided that I was going to use a DJI Osmo+ for filming my music video, I decided to go out and test some of its features with some footage that would relate to my music video. I think this is a great piece of tech with many different options  for something so easy to use. I applied a black and white filter as I will most likely be using it once or twice in my music video.


Final Video

My music video follows the story of a young man recently breaking up with his girlfriend, however in my video, it happens twice. Each time, a different emotion is shown, the first time around its anger, however the second the subject feels lonely and sad, and deals with situations in different ways. The idea behind my music video having an independant variable was influenced by Biffy Clyro’s music video ‘Biblical’.

In my opinion my music video works for the target audience i’ve aimed for. I used young actors so that viewers would be able to relate to the video and get deeper into it. My research shows that people aged 18-24 prefer narrative videos with black and white segments, as well as reversed segments, therefore I developed it in to my music video. for example; at first I was going to have a flipping coin with live action footage on each face at the point of going back to the start, however I decided to change this for reversing the footage as this seemed to fit in better with the song as well as relating back to my audience.

I decided to use cold colouring in order to really grasp the viewer and dwell them right into the emotion along with the subject. Blue colour correction can identify as being lonely, cold, dark and more intense. I think this worked well in the end however I could’ve used less colour correction in some parts of the video which I would change if I had known.

I decided to film my music video as night as this corresponds with the title of the song, which can be really important when it comes to targeting an audience.

Overall i’m happy with my music video and think it targets my brief. Through thorough research into target audiences and music videos, I think I can successfully say my audience would be attracted to this video through seamless transitions and music sync ups.


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