Research Week

Primary Research of Food Advertisement in Town


Above is a collection of images that I took in a shopping street of food advertisement. I’ve concluded that different types of food have different colours in the ways of advertisement, for example: Tea/Coffee advertisements usually include the colour beige/cream to represent the colour of tea. Same with chocolate. Colder drinks use colder and more vibrant colours in order to feel fresher and cooler. The ‘Chef’ advertisement is very modern and clean, and in my opinion this would be to show the customers that the shop is clean and well spoken for.

Manx Museum


My favourite image from my trip to the manx museum. This image plays on the eyes from the way I have taken it. To the human eye it looks an awful lot larger than the subject really is, almost as if I would be in a cave, however, this isn’t the case. This is a mini sculpture with lightbulbs in it in order to give of the lighting effect required to give the emotion that the artist wanted.


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